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Even if you don't live in Lysergica ,you may have heard of The Wealthy Sisterhood of The Golden Temples", once were known as " Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon" often shortened in " Templars " ,
And you may have heard of few internal changes after the attempt of King of France and the Pope to destroy the Order ( see message 3 on viewtopic.php?f=11&t=7931&start=0 ), changes clearly reflected in the new name (the old definition was too misused by all sort of tricksters and maniacs )

This year to celebrate the anniversary of the foundation of the Sisterhood was organized the 1st Marathon for Nomadic Temples
For security reasons the public was discouraged to assist along the way ,impact with running Temples may be harmful and even lethal , but nobody complain because is much more exciting assist from inside the running Temples , is a much more spectacular view even if may cause sort of sea-sickness

The Rules of The Marathon are few and simple:
1)there is a route to follow , and a few checkpoints
2)It is obviously forbidden for the Temples to fly, float or use anti-gravity
3) No Doping , to participate  is necessary to pass all the most severe Lysergica anti.doping controls:
that means drivers should be sufficiently sober to stay erect and walk straight or sort of straight, anyway without support and without zigzagging too much for at least a few meters

Here the entry of the winner of the Marathon at the last checkpoint in Mandelbrot Plaza
Nomadic Temples Marathon : here the winner by PhotoComix2

Below some photo of the other running temples taken at the checkpoints

000 new Tori14n~ by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori10 by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori9~c by PhotoComix2

Untitled by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori11n~ by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori10n by PhotoComix2

 000 new Tori15n~ by PhotoComix2
The concurrent below is clearly o bit overweight and puffing ,yet is keeping the pace

000 new Tori6~ by PhotoComix2

Here the Marathon route pass to trough the alternate Italy described well in panorama of 18 centtury Flemish painters , where is another  checkpoint...

000 new Tori3rr3~ 1 by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori3rr4 1 by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori3r2 2 by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori3r 1 by PhotoComix2

Oh ...below a temple stumbled and risk to fall down

0-templar~11 by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori3rr4 by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori3rr3~ by PhotoComix2

000 new Tori3rr-5c by PhotoComix2

00-templar-1~reload by PhotoComix2

Too much parameters to copy and paste but i may soon zip the m3p files ....


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