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Where is the BBC ? by PhotoComix2 Where is the BBC ? by PhotoComix2
The choreography is waiting, we already moved the Daleks in the new location, the gigantic pyramidal ruins of the Cathedral of the Merciless Doom ...
even the Tardis is landing ...everything is ready for the first ciack !

But ...Damn !! Where is the BBC ?  and the sponsors ? Why are not all knocking to my doors ?

The background is derived from my last M3D renders series Cathedral of the Masters of Chaos and Symmetry by PhotoComix2 , it was one in between Building of the Chaos Masters Cathedral 2 by PhotoComix2

Then with Gimp i much desaturated the colours , added the Tardis Tardis Stock by Rob234111   by :iconrob234111: the flare on top of the Tardis and a more painted look

temporary moved to scrap because the author of the stock used :iconrob234111: for some reasons has freaked out , complaining for imaginary copyright violation
(imaginary because i followed the rules there is a link back to the stock, the author icon linking to his DA page
.. only i can't notify on the stock page because he blocked me

Not a big problem really i just hope that now he would stop creating DA alias to spam my pages

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Rob234111 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013  Professional General Artist

1) You MUST add a comment on the page for the stock art you used leading to your creation.

2) You MUST also link to the stock page on the deviation you have made.

3) You may NOT sell the art and/or try to make any profit off of the artwork. My stock is for recreational purposes only, not commercial.

Failure to follow my rules will result in you being reported and my stock being taken down (basically if you mess up, you ruin it for other users as well).
PhotoComix2 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
First your tone is insulting and your are claiming copyright right on what , notoriously is propriety of the BBC and of the Doctor Who creator

Second , and more important YOU WAS already credited for your render (let's call it a render ,even if was not a png cut) and WAS ALREADY a link back to your deviation  page
(or you don't know that  thumbnails are links ) ... i only edited now to add your icon (do you know that your icon is a  lin to your DA page..correct) , icon that yesterday i forgot to add because too sleepy ..but except for the detail of your icon not any credit was missed

Third and very last i suggest you to reserve such angered and impolite tone to the real art thieves

I am really sorry to have used your stock for this, there are much better Tardis Png render around on flickr and even on DA, but i was lazy ...but don't worry i would never use your stock again
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November 18, 2013
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